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Today, web technology has advanced to the point where everyone has at least one website. These websites have many advantages that you can have a suitable website/weblog according to your type of job and profession.

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How to design a WordPress website?

design a WordPress website

You’ve probably heard of WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that has been able to host many sites with great popularity. Using WordPress, you will be able to launch various types of websites and blogs.
WordPress is free and open-source, which can be considered as free world software. This means that if you have a hand in programming and coding you will be able to do any kind of personalization on WordPress.

Now you may ask how to set up a WordPress site?

The first step is to download the WordPress file and install it on the host. The next step is to change the design to your liking.
If you enter the dashboard, you will see a number of menus. Using them, you can make the desired changes and create your site as you wish.
Use the appearance of updates using different programming languages such as CSS, icon font packages, and…

What should we do if we do not know WordPress coding?

If you do not know PHP language and do not know what it is, there is no problem! The characteristic of a content management system (CMS) is that you can launch a website without any knowledge of programming.
In fact, everything is ready for you and you just need to set it up.
There are many free templates for WordPress and you can search for them all over the internet.

What is a WordPress Theme?

By choosing the right WordPress template, you can customize the look of your site by changing the layout of different page elements such as display sections, latest content, latest views, and different sections to your liking. Customize the site.

A variety of free and null WordPress templates

Templates are generally divided into two categories, free and non-free. There are many different templates in the WordPress world that have a wide variety of designs. Of course, each WordPress template is designed for a specific function. Types of WordPress templates include:

  • Corporate template
  • Single page template
  • Multi-page template
  • Store template
  • Personal template
  • Portfolio template
  • News site template
  • And…

What is Free WordPress News Themes?

Free WordPress Themes

News template features

  • Has a dedicated and powerful page builder
  • Fully responsive
  • Full compatibility with WooCommerce Store Builder
  • Smart advertising system
  • High flexibility
  • Clean and optimized coding for Google
  • Very high speed
  • It has attractive widgets
  • Easy customization
  • Powerful settings panel